Meet Dalia

Meet Dalia

Coming from the heart of Beirut, Dalia always had the desire to add a pinch of royal perfection to Lebanese cuisine.
She loved traveling, exploring cultures, meeting people, and tasting their various gastronomic delights.

In her travels, one city charmed her like no other; Paris. From the Parisians themselves,
to the busy streets bustling with love and life, she couldn’t help but fall in love with the dazzling “City of Lights”.

Dalia was mesmerized with everything France had to offer, from the gourmet quality ingredients, classic cooking techniques,
and the distinctive selection of dishes. Dalia knew she had finally found what would bring the elements of exceptional dining to her table.

Fascinated by the rich history of France, she named her table “La Marquise”. With quality at the forefront of her vision, she handpicked the best of everything; from fruits and vegetables, olive oil, poultry, meat, fish, even down to the finest details like salt and pepper. Dalia’s La Marquise offered mouth-watering dishes served with love and instantly became the talk of the town.

With all the love she was getting, she decided to open her table to the public of Paris, opening the La Marquise Restaurant. As it continued to grow, she couldn’t help but think of home. Loyal to her Arab roots, Dalia chose Dubai to become the second home of La Marquise, and what started as one table evolved into extraordinary restaurants.

Today, Dalia welcomes you to La Marquise, inviting you to taste the finest ingredients brought to you from France, Lebanon, and across the globe.

“La Marquise”
From Dalia, with love.