La Marquise is considered to be one of the most well-known & revered fine-dining restaurants in Dubai that brings the undeniably exquisite flavors of Lebanese cuisine to the table. You will be hard pressed to find an authentic dining experience in Dubai that matches La Marquise. That is because we pride ourselves for having mastered the art of home-style cooking that combines the unmatched burst of traditional Lebanese flavors with a fine-dining experience. Allow us to blow you away with the piquancy of authentic Arabic cooking.


La Marquise is considered one of the best buffet restaurants and brunch places “near you in Dubai”, we also provide unparalleled catering services. Whether you are organizing a casual get-together, a party, a celebration, or even a wedding, La Marquise is prepared to treat you and your guests to the ultimate Lebanese experience with a wide variety of main course dishes, cold mezze platters, and delicious Arabic sweets that will leave everyone craving for more. Browse through our extensive menu, and select your favorite dish. Leave the rest to our competent staff who are dedicated to optimizing your culinary experience.